N.R.F.B Featuring Frankie NW Stubbs

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NRFB - Nuclear Raped Fuck BombN.R.F.B (Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb) is a collaboration of Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface), Jens Rachut (Kommando Sonne-Nmilch), Thomas Wenzel (Die Sterne, Die Goldenen Zitronen) and Mense Reents (Stella, Egoexpress). The 7 songs of this record, alternated sung by Frankie Stubbs, Jens Rachut and the female voice of Lisa Hagmeister are a wild and insane mix of punk rock with electronic influences, techno, flamenco-guitars and spoken words. Surrounded by strange lyrics and unbelievable stories in german and english this is perhaps the strangest independent/punk-record in 2011 far beyond any genre limits.

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Frankie Stubbs - I Can't Help Falling In Love

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Frankie Stubbs

Frankie Norman Warsaw Stubbs

We are pleased to announce that there may be the possibility of a future Frankie Stubbs acoustic album, however this may be a while off as Frankie is busy with the new Leatherface projects released through Big Ugly Fish. Frankie NW Stubbs (Frankie Norman Warsaw Stubbs) is a British singer-songwriter with UK punk-band Leatherface, who has also produced records for many noted underground groups in his time.

When Leatherface split, Frankie moved on to two new bands, Jesse and Pope. Jesse’s material highlighted further Stubbs' songwriting strengths with the songs more measured and melancholic than Leatherface. During Jesse’s lifespan the band released three singles and one self titled album between 1995 and 1998, all of which are currently out of print. Frankie also began performing solo and in that guise has released one single in 1995 and a 10’’ EP in 2001. Again, both of these releases are currently out of print.

Stubbs featured on Duncan Redmonds' 2009 collaboration album Bubble and Squeak on four tracks alongside Redmonds himself, Loz Wong (Snuff) and Wes Wasley (Consumed, Billy No Mates) calling themselves ‘The Pissmops’.

In addition to his work with Leatherface, Jesse, Pope and his solo work, he has also produced records for over 40 other bands including China Drum, Drive, Hooton 3 Car, Midway Still, Snuff, Wat Tyler and many more.

Currently he doesn't looks like Fidel Castro anymore, due to receiving an electric trimmer for his birthday from his band mates in the reformed Leatherface.




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