Leatherface European Tour

Europe April 2010

Friday 9th Hamburg-Hafenklang, Germany
Saturday 10th Copenhagen+, Denmark
Sunday 11th Berlin-Festsaal Kreuzberg, Germany
Monday 12th Dresden-Chemiefabrik, Germany
Tuesday 13th Chemnitz-Ajz, Germany
Wednesday 14th Leipzig-Zoro, Germany
Thursday 15th Erfurt-Stadtgarten, Germany
Friday 16th Giessen-Ak 44, Germany
Saturday 17th Trier-Exhaus, Germany
Sunday 18th  Karlsruhe-Alte Hackerei, Germany
Monday 19th Coburg-Bei Adam, Germany
Tuesday 20th Nürnberg-K4, Germany
Wednesday 21st München-Feierwerk, Germany
Thursday 22nd Saarbrücken-Garage, Germany
Friday 23rd  BielefelForum, Germany
Saturday 24th  Düsseldorf-Ratinger Hof/Stone, Germany
Sunday 25th Solingen-Cobra, Germany
Monday 26th  Köln-Underground, Germany
Tuesday 27th Arnheim-Willemeen, Netherlands
Wednesday 28th Bremen-Schlachthof, Germany
Thursday 29th Flensburg-Volxbad, Germany
Friday 30th Münster-Gleis 22, Germany


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