The Sainte Catherines ‘Fire Works’ CD

The Sainte Catherines - Fire Works

Fire Works’ by Montreal's The Sainte Catherines is a melodic, positive, entertaining, and most interestingly coiffed LP to come out in years, all courtesy of Big Ugly Fish Recordings and is out now in the UK and Europe. You can order yours now at a special from the Big Ugly Fish Cornershop right now.

This record takes its cues from the band's early influences like American Steel, the Broadways, Jawbreaker and Fifteen, and strains it through a sieve of 70's rock, like a French Canadian wine that will kick your dick off, get you drunk, eat all your poutine (Chips, Canadian Cheese and gravy, fast food) and find you hung over in the morning humming the most melodic and positive tunes of the bands storied career.

The emo kids like 'em, the punk kids like 'em. No one quite knows what to do with them because they've got three meaty guitars, a front man “Hugo Mudie”, that exists at that elusive vortex where Hank Von Helvelte, Chuck Ragan and the bar where Cirque du Soliel clowns go to get drunk all converge, and haircuts that would scare the shit out of almost any mum.

Expect an exhaustive touring schedule from The Sainte Catherine’s for the Fire Works cycle. They're loved in Europe, Canada and the stinkiest most festering pits in all of the US so get out your mustache, cut your bangs at a weird angle and give me a "Tabarnak!" for The Sainte Catherine’s. Um...also, they've got funny names and they're not above wearing vests. Did I mention that? Okay. I thankenyou.


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Tour Dates Winter 2011

Friday 11 February
Café Nord-Ouest Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada
Saturday 12 February
Pub St-maurice Repentigny, QC, Canada
Wednesday 23 February
Mac Daids Le Havre, France
Thursday 24 February
Scene Michelet Nantes, France
Friday 25 February
The Sainte Catherines with Maladroit, Nowadayz, and MENPENTI at Heretic Club, Bordeaux, France
Saturday 26 February
Celtic Pub Tarbes, France
Sunday 27 February
La Dynamo Toulouse, France
Monday 28 February
O`bundies Marseilles, France
Tuesday 01 March
Warm Audio Lyon, France
Wednesday 02 March
Soap Box Club Nancy, France
Thursday 03 March
Les Combustibles Paris, France
Friday 04 March
Shaka Laka hazebrouck, France
Saturday 05 March
Peniche Fulmar Brussels, Belgium
Friday 18 March
With Tenement at Reggie's Rock Club Chicago, IL, US
Saturday 26 March
Le Trou Du Diable Shawinigan, QC, Canada
Thursday 12 May
Dear Landlord with The Sainte Catherines at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn, NY, US



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