We are pleased to announce that the first release on Big Ugly Fish Recording's will be the long awaited CD from Leatherface. Stefan Mush, Graeme Philliskirk, Dickie Hammond and Frankie Stubbs have been in the studio putting together 12 tracks and the resulting album ‘The Stormy Petrel’ is out now. The album was recorded in the same studio as Dog Disco with Fred Purser behind the sliders!

The album and band merchandise will be available from this site and Plastichead will be distributing the new CD throughout Europe. In Japan, CR Japan will be Licensing/ distributing and Australia Poison City.

We kick off this year in East Canada and the East coast US with Yesterday's Ring playing all the dates with Leatherface.

The offical home of Leatherface is moving to the altogether more easy to remember leatherface.biz, please remember to update your bookmarks. The site is now up and running.

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The Stormy Petrel

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